purePEDIATRICS and pureLIFE | MD

Brand Identity

How do you make a distinctive idea in the medical landscape become a brand that you can touch and feel, especially as the brand is actively changing? purePEDIATRICS, a beloved Houston concierge pediatric practice known for changing how families receive more personalized and consistent healthcare for their children, and pureLIFE | MD, the newly established adult concierge practice in the Pure medical family. Founded by Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser, purePEDIATRICS had the fundamentals of their brand established but wanted to apply a design and brand standard that allowed for a seamless partnership with its brand new pureLIFE | MD practice, headed by Dr. Dean Nasser.


Partnering with both Dr. Alana and Dr. Dean, Kubis worked to design the unique and partner logos for the two practices, designed to create a sense of familiarity with their services for new patients, while keeping the long-held brand standards of their member families had grown familiar with. Kubis was thrilled to partner with an intentional Houston business pillar, creating logos and defined brands that will endure for many years to come.