The Urbane Society

Brand Story, Naming, Brand Strategy, App Design & Build,
Social Media, Business Consultancy

It’s one of Houston’s most interesting experiments and social societies. A top-notch, members-only mobile application, that holds the door open to some of Houston’s most unique high society destinations for people between the age of 21-49, allowing them to treat themselves and their corporate partners to exclusive privileges at various restaurants and establishments. Society socialites can enjoy specialty rates, exclusive perks, and members-only events that allow them to enter these spaces earlier, and at a better rate than they otherwise could have.


Kubis Interactive was tasked with building this members-only organization from the ground up, ensuring that the strategy and creative was in place to build and maintain a society like this that could eventually be a national key for young professionals everywhere. Kubis led the creative process, diving into research and development, digital engineering, platform development, and ensuring that the go-to market strategy was fully developed. Kubis Interactive also developed and built an app unique with content related to each and every restaurant, and the ability to do everything from get an in-restaurant perk to reserving a six figure event space within the confines of a stylish, easy to use app.